3 Best Free Marketing Books | That Can Change Your Life

If you’ve never heard of Russell Brunson before then you are missing out.

In this blog I’ll be telling about 3 Free Books from Russell Brunson that changed my life and I know they can change yours too.

So what’s the catch?

Are these really free?

Yes and No!

YES, they really are FREE BOOKS, the catch is, you just pay for the shipping & handling. Now considering everything these books will teach you it is well worth it to fork over that small shipping fee.

(Tip) If you don’t like to read much get the audio MP3 upgrade, it’s well worth it. I also get them everytime I get a new book from him. I find that the MP3’s are very conveient to have because I like to add these to my iPhone and listen to them on the road or at night while laying in bed.

OK, I know you are anciaous to know what they are and how they can help you so HERE WE GO…


  1. Dotcom Secrets – Weird marketing experiments that increase traffic, conversion and sales oline!



2. Expert Secrets – The underground playbook for creating a Mass Movement of people who will PAY FOR YOU ADVICE!


3. Network Marketing Secrets – The Hidden ‘Funnel” Strategy that easily attracts the right people, who are so super interested in what you’re selling, they actually raise their hands and ask you to sign them up!


Be sure to get one are ALL of these books.

If they don’t change your business then you are doing something VERY WRONG! lol…

These books have helped me by opening my eyes to a lot of stuff that really helped my business grow into what it is today.

I also use Clickfunnels for my membership sites/Courses when I launch a new product. 

It’s very easy to set up the members area that’s why I love it.

Clickfunnels is also great for setting up your funnels for you launch it makes it pretty easy.

There is still a FREE 14-Day Trial rigth now if you’d like to give it a shot!

Well I hope this blog helped you get some awesome free stuff that can really change your life for the better in your business.

You might have to go through a few upsells, but that MP3 upsell is well worth it and very conveint so make sure you pick that one up for sure.

Until next time…

Happy Marketing 🙂



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