3 Ways To Succeed At Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog

For a newbie affiliate marketer there is no step more daunting than building your first website and blog.

Creating and updating a successful blog can be a full time job all by itself, but luckily for you there are several tactics you can use to sell affiliate products without a blog and without constantly updating a website.

While most affiliate programs want you to submit a website, a simple one page branded website will usually do the trick.

Now you are free to market your affiliate links using other methods.

Some people love to blog, writing comes naturally for them, while other people excel at running ads or doing video.

The amazing thing about internet marketing is that there is no one path that works for everyone. You can experiment with different methods until you find the perfect system that works for you.

#1. Email Marketing For Affiliate Sales

3 Ways To Succeed At Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog

Email marketing is still one of the best digital sales tools of all time and don’t let any “sales gurus” out there tell you any different. Build your list! Even a small but trusting list can net you big profits! Instead of lengthy blog posts you can craft enticing emails and drop your affiliate link right in there!

#2. Social Media & Influencer Marketing

#1. Email Marketing For Affiliate Sales

Social Media posting has partially killed the blog scene. As the digital audience’s attention span decreases, micro blogging on social media popularity is rising. Long-form captions on Instagram and Facebook Groups are making it easier than ever to sell affiliate products without keeping  up an official blog. If you do have a blog, then social media is the number one way to drive traffic to you blog.

So either way, learn to love posting, tweeting and ‘gramming.

If you are selling a product or are doing a sponsored post make sure to be transparent about it, include a disclaimer or hashtag about your affiliate status just to be safe!

If you love being in front of the camera, live video is super hot right now on just about every social media platform.

#3. Paid Ads

#1. Email Marketing For Affiliate Sales

Read your affiliate program rules carefully but if they allow it, running paid ads directly to your affiliate link could pay off big time.

Paid ads are a great route to take if you are a data driven person who loves to research and test new ideas.

If you are less creative and more analytic than affiliate marketing and paid ads might be a perfect match for you.

You can run paid ads on Google, Facebook and many other places. All you need is a great photo, killer ad copy and some demographics and you’re all set.

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