Ronnie Rokk Smith

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Brief Overview:

Hello, my name is Ronnie Rokk Smith.

I’ve studied under marketing greats, such as Frank Kern, Jay White, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Michael Rassmussen, Dan Kennedy, Sean Mize, Paul Nicholls, Todd Gross, Brett Rutecky, Mike Thomas (Mike from Maine), Mike Cowles, Anthony Mancuso, Brendan Mace, and Jono Armstrong.


So basically I got started in marketing with offline marketing after seeing Don Lapre on TV.

If you are into marketing you may remember his TV info-mercials in the early–mid 1990s, he claimed that by placing "tiny classified ads" in newspapers he was "able to make $50,000 a week from [his] tiny one-bedroom apartment"

So that got me started, I bought some of his products and started placing adds to a product
I had created.

Didn't make much on that, but it was a start for me none the less.

The next guy I studied under was the legendary Frank Kern.


I bought his product Instant Internet Empires and that's how I got started with online marketing.

I later bought another product which was a partner deal with Dan Kennedy and Frank Kern which composed of a huge binder of 100's of pages of notes from Dan and some CDs with video content from Frank.

I don't recall the name of the product, but the content was very useful. The main reason I bought it was to get Frank's Videos.

I wish I still had access to it because it would be very valuable I think today if I decided to sell it because I can't find it anywhere online anymore because it's rare now.

But it was all lost in an apartment fire. I use to live in a 4 building complex and the lady downstairs left a cigarette in a butt container and there was a sofa down there.

The fire fighters later said that the fire started on the sofa, so apparently the wind blew the butt that was still lit onto the sofa and it caught fire.

My complex was burned to the ground along with the one across from ours as well.

So eight families lost their homes that day!

I lost everything, glad I had some money saved in the bank, because I had to start all over from scratch.

Me and my two girls were at Walmart when this happened.

The really sucky thing was my kids had just got there life like dolls in the mail that they've been waiting month for...because it take that long to make them and I had just got in the mail that day a brand new 17" Sony Laptop and backpack for it.

I just started it up and got it set up and left it on the bed. We went to Walmart and on the way back I seen smoke coming from my area. The roads were blocked off, the cops let us in since we lived there.

I got to be interviewed on TV, that was the only cool thing to come out of it.

So I quit marketing for a long time, because everything I had been working on, was all gone!

I didn't get serious marketing again until 2015 and up until now.

Now there was one part that I forgot to mention, before all this. after buying Franks stuff, I starting seeing This guys calling himself The Rich Jerk, and I did buy his ebook.

Learned more cool stuff.

So I started thinking that what I needed was a gimmick. Like the Rich Jerk had.

So I created The Faceless Guru!

One thing though. that I didn't understand at the time was I was doing it all wrong.

As I later learned from Frank Kern and Micheal Cheney when I asked them what
they thought of my character they said "Why would you do that? Hide your face?" No one is going to trust you to buy anything from you like that?"

At that time I was stubborn, when Frank first told me to stop doing it! I had so much time and efforts spent into that character I didn't want to give it up!

It wasn't until Micheal told me the same thing years later in 2016, after picking up one of his products that came with free messaging to him for a week, that I finally realize that i needed to just give the character up and just start from scratch building my own name and branding my face with it, so I could gain some trust.

So my listen learned was "don't hide your face" It's OK to create a character, but just make sure he's trust worthy. You can build a relationship with your audience.

You can still see my old videos before I changed my branding to start marketing my face with my name on YouTube or search google for the faceless guru if you want to see what that was all about.

I did put out good content and marketing info under that character so it still would be useful and entertaining if you checked out those videos. Give me a like and share if you enjoy them.

(Here's the stuff I didn't put in my Podcast but is in episode #2)

I didn't make money online for a long time, well I mean...I made money here and there but nothing to really brag about.

It wasn't until I met Brendan Mace and learned his methods. I spent $1,997 to join PPA (Project Profits Academy) which gave me access to all of his training and a consulting phone call.

After implementing the things I've learned from him I finally started generating some good income online. And he even motivated me to launch my own product which really starting things in the right direction for me.

I've spent $1,997 before on a course or two (But I won't mention any names here) but they pretty much got me no where. I guess I just didn't get that LIVE support that Brendan Mace gave me to really push me up.

Now that I think about it, I think that he's so good at "teaching you how to do something" because he actually use to be a school teacher.

Go figure! Ha Ha.

So Brendan helped me launch my first product in October 2018 and that's when things started to really take off for me.

Helping people get to where I am is something that is important to me, the truth is I use to work on oil rigs before going full time with marketing and I was making $225,000 a year already, so having money was never really my problem to start with.

But I hated the job. It took a lot of time away from my family.

I missed Birthdays, Christmas and most of the other holidays, so it really sucked. Like I said the money was good, but to me other things are more important.

And now I get the chance to make a lot of money and help people at the same time. Now that's what I call living the lifestyle 🙂

So as you can see from my story, it's pretty backwards in nature.

Because most people want this lifestyle because they hate their jobs and they want to make a lot of money and have freedom.

But I had a lot of money already, just didn't have the freedom, but I also hated my job because it didn't make me happy.

I mean think about it. Why would you be happy to make your boss rich right?

Unless of course you really love the job you have and you are happy making someone else rich because you live a pretty good life-style working for someone else.

And I totally get that... and that is cool by me. But in my case, I'd rather be the BOSS 😉

I'd rather have my own business and work for myself. Make my own hours and wake up when I feel like it 🙂

I've always believed that knowledge is power. So to this date I have 7 Marketing Certifications and you can view them here:

So pretty much that's where I am today...

Here is a few more things you might not know about me. I'm happily married (with my second wife) I have 3 girls (2 are twins) my Mom was also a twin. My wife has 2 girls and a boy. So we have 6 kids all together. I say kids but they are all over 20. I'm also a musician and I love body building.