Happy Clients


Here’s what a few of my 130 clients have to say from Fiverr as well as my other clients NOT on Fiverr that I provided services to 🙂

“Ronnie has helped me build my site from scratch. I’m in the LOA niche and he has been helping me build my list and my brand. He’s quick, responsive and one hell of a mentor!”

Anna Dobrincic

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! Truly awesome experience. Received WELL over and above what was I expected. So excited to get my email campaign started with the GREAT copy you provided. Your video explanation was just fabulous! The extra tips on ways to improve my website/landing pages were unexpected but SOOOO great! Beyond grateful. Highly recommend!”

Dr. Venus Ramos

“Really enjoyed working with this guy! :).”

David Sthansen

“Ronnie knows his stuff!!”

Business Boomers

“Not only does he do the work but he also educates you. He spent more time on the project to make it top notch and he did just that. Absolutely will hire him for more projects. In fact, he set my site up so I can ramp it up to the next level…an extra service he did. Thanks a bunch!!.”


“Reliable and authentic seller. Highly experienced! Thank you.”

Syed R Islam

Ronnie told me upfront he specializes in B2C (which we are not) but due to his honesty and work ethic we still moved forward with the project and we are VERY HAPPY WE DID. Ronnie provided one of the most detailed projects we have ever received on Fiverr and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Ken Brokaw

“Hands down, best value I’ve received on Fiverr. Definitely, recommend. He’s a real person who actually gets on a call with you and helps you sort out your email marketing bits WITHOUT trying to sell you. That, in particular, is much appreciated.”


“Great content, just what I needed for an email campaign. I linked him to my site, and he developed the emails. Thanks!”

Math Solution

“Excellent! Thank you Ronnie for the quick and helpful sales copy and your excellent writing skills.”


“Best experience on Fiverr so far. Very fast, and delivered good work. Would definitely use him again! :)”


“Thanks for everything Ronnie, Will talk to you on the next project”

Wealth Brigade

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