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On this page, you will find some free tools such as WordPress Plugins and various other useful links to tools you should be using.


Dotcom Secrets – Weird marketing experiments that increase traffic, conversion and sales oline!

Expert Secrets – The undergroup playbook for creating a Mass Movement of people who will PAY FOR YOU ADVICE!

Network Marketing Secrets – The Hidden ‘Funnel” Strategy that easily attracts the right people, who are so super interested in what you’re selling, they actually raise their hands and ask you to sign them up!



jack jacker plugin

If you’ve never heard of Jack Jacker (FREE) version,
then you must be living under a rock…so, let me
enlighten you. Jack Jacker allows you to “Jack”
someone’s content and put a call to action button
over their page. This is great if you are doing Social
Media Marketing and linking people to popular
blog post.!

Upgrade to Jack Jacker Gold Here!

download jack jacker wordpress plugin


memo chimp

Free List Building Software

Give away this free valuable software
to quickly build your list.

download memo chimp