How To Build A Trade Show Exhibit Around The Endorsement Of A Famous Sponsor

Every marketing professional knows that getting the endorsement of the right celebrity can send sales through the roof. The same basic theory applies to designing trade show exhibits. People recognize the famous and come to see how that person might be related to what you’re offering. Because of this, some booths have chosen to rely heavily on promoting their connection with famous people. This kind of trade show installation has unique advantages which should be considered thoroughly before you make a decision.

An Endorsed Trade Show Installation Can Be A Major Crowd Draw

Fame is a magnet for the vast majority of people worldwide. Whether they admit it or not, most want to live like celebrities, and so they tend to gravitate toward anything that a celebrity is known to use or claims to use. That’s why endorsement is so effective; the celebrity’s endorsement implies that by using this product, you can become more like them and live more of the life you’ve been coveting.

In the same way, the image of a celebrity used on a trade show exhibit promotes that image. It tells visitors that a famous person is interested in this product, and perhaps they should be as well. In addition, a fame-focused trade show exhibit is fairly uncommon, which gives it an added punch.

A Celebrity Focused Trade Show Installation Offers Strong Brand Recognition

If you have an endorsement deal, it is probably featured fairly prominently in TV ads and other media for your product. The celebrity is likely tied to your product in the minds of many potential customers, and more strongly linked depending on the length of the endorsement.

It is always good design to incorporate your current marketing themes and graphics into your trade show installation, and a theme focusing on a famous endorser is no different. If people associate them with you and vice versa, they’ll easily recognize who you are at the convention.

The Effect Increases When You’re Promoting A Celebrity’s Own Product

In some cases, you are actually showcasing a product that was designed by the person who endorses it at an industry convention. These types of items may be very different from the typical merchandise, and the endorsers may be much less famous than is typical. All that is necessary is that the item and its creator be noteworthy within their field.

Featuring an endorser of their own product is a particularly wise marketing decision. When a celebrity implies that he or she has actually created an item from scratch, people are much more likely to rush and purchase it. The same thing is true with visiting a trade show installation: if people believe that the company is run by the celebrity, they will be drawn to learn more about it.

Building Your Unit Around A Theme

Focusing on your endorser is not a difficult task. You may need to negotiate with him or her to determine what images you have the right to use, but after that it’s relatively simple. Ideally, get pictures of him or her using your product, though photos can be adapted if necessary.

If you don’t have a recognized sponsor for your business to speak about your product, you should not employ this strategy. Trade show exhibits focusing on the facts of your item work very well; a celebrity-focused unit is simply another method that works well for many companies.

I hope this blog gives a limelight to improve your marketing strategies by mobilizing celebrities who can stand to endorse your product.

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