How To Double Your Affiliate Marketing Income Using Pinterest

If you’ve been carefully building and growing your niche blog over time, building up customer loyalty and setting yourself up as an influencer in that market, it can be difficult to suddenly monetize your blog without being spammy. Your dedicated followers are used to getting free content from you that is helpful and worthwhile to them. If you suddenly start posting a lot of sponsored posts or emails you risk losing your audience. But there is an easy way around this obstacle that can double your affiliate marketing income without spamming anyone with your affiliate link.

Teach Them Something New

Consumers love how-to guides and DIY articles. Once you have found an affiliate product that you absolutely love that fits within your niche, spend some time writing a high quality how-to guide that contains links to your affiliate product naturally within the prose of the article.

Once you have a highly valuable guide written, post this guide as a new page on your blog. Why not post it as an article? You certainly can, but posting it as a new page allows you to highlight the guide as a free giveaway and doesn’t distract from your flow of free information within your blog.

How Pinterest Will Bring You Traffic

The final step is to make a pin-worthy graphic in a Pinterest optimized format which currently is a ratio of 2:3. Think of the perfect pin as a bookmark, taller than it is wide. Use white space and the color red to draw attention to the pin. When you upload this pin to Pinterest link it to your guide. The long form guide will be more likely to convert sales that being linked directly to a seller’s landing page.

You can make several different styles of pins, using different keywords on each one to test which pins convert the best. All it takes is one viral pin to bring you a steady stream of income all from creating one how-to guide for a quality affiliate program.

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