How To Make Money Doing Nothing | Arbitrage Secrets | 2020

So we’re going to be talking about arbitrage so this is a system where you can actually make money for almost doing nothing.

How To Make Money Doing Nothing | Arbitrage Secrets | 2020 if you are reading this blog post you can also watch the video that says the exact thing that I’m writing in this blog almost word for word.

So doing nothing is a very strong claim to make money right?

And if you think about it what in the world can you actually do nothing and make money in return.

Well arbitrage is what we’re talking about and it’s a system that you can use to kind of like outsource work for one person to another but what I want to do right now is explain it to you in layman’s terms.

Okay so before I explain what arbitrage is i’m going to show this arbitrage definition on wikipedia.

Now some people don’t like wikipedia because you know they have information in there that’s not accurate sometimes because anybody can go in there as a contributor and put stuff in there.

But wikipedia on the back end has complete control over this, and they can take out whatever they want.

So it’s kind of messed up in a way, because if you are actually contributing something in there that’s actual fact and they just don’t like it they could
take it out, so you know that kind of sucks.

But hey, that’s their platform that’s their system whatever.

So the reason I want to read this to you is that it’s written on a higher
grade level than most people commonly understand right most people understand things on a sixth-grade level or lower and it’s easier for them to
comprehend so if you read this it may be still confusing on exactly what the hill arbitrage is.

At this time I want to explain it to you in simple terms I actually made a diagram that I’m going to show you as well after I explain it because most people learn better by visually seeing something explained rather than hearing something (audible).

So yeah, I want to show that to you guys and help you out so this is almost a system where you can make money by almost doing nothing.

Personally, I really don’t think there’s a system out there where you can actually do nothing at all and make money.

But… if you’ve ever heard of a system out there where you can make money literally doing nothing leave it in the comments because I want to know about it as well.

Wikipedia Definition of Arbitrage

“In economics and finance arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets striking a combination of magic deals that capitalize upon the imbalance the profit being the difference between the market prices at which the unit is traded yeah so you.”

See what I mean!

It’s written in a higher grade level than most of us really typically understand.

Take President Trump for instance.

He speaks on a sixth grade and under level so that most people can simply understand what the hell he’s talking about it’s not that he doesn’t know how to use bigger words, unlike most politicians that use a higher grade speaking level of 12 grade or higher right he wants you to understand.

He’s a very smart man because he understands how most people learn right and they learn from a simple language not terms like this so you want to speak to people at a level they can understand which is most people so let me go ahead and explain this to you arbitrage and how it works okay so in layman’s terms let’s do it like this…

We’re going to use A, B, and C okay.

A is going to be a buyer B is going to be you which is the middleman and C is going to be the person that is selling a service.

So they’re going to be actually doing the work, so person A wants something done for $20 bucks.

Let’s say they want a logo design.

So you go out and find person C willing to do the logo design for $10 or less or whatever.

And you’re going to keep the commission or the difference right.

Which in this case, if they’re going to do it for $10.

And the buyer is going to pay $20, then you’re going to get $10 easily just by connecting these two people that are actually never going to ever talk to each other or even know the existence of each other.

You’re just the middle man.

How this works

So you go to person A and you say I can do this job.

Next, you take the job.

Then you go to person C, you give them the requirements that person A needs.

They do the job for you and then you pay that person $10 dollars.

Finally, you go back and deliver your work to person A and they give you $20.

So you just made $10 easy commission.

Let’s look at the diagram now maybe that’ll help you understand a little bit better but it’s pretty simple.

Arbitrage Diagram (infographic)

Download This Graphic Here!

So looking at the image, just as I was explaining before, the right person a is the buyer and they want something done for $20 dollars.

It could be anything.

It could be:

  • logo
  • video


It could be any possible thing imagined.

And you know what you can even do this with products. If you go on Facebook marketplace, say someone’s looking for an iPhone and they’re willing to pay a such-and-such price for it right.

Then you go and find that iPhone from somewhere else, that’s selling it for a cheaper price, and you’re just kind of like the middleman.

So this could pretty much work on any freaking platform that you can imagine.

Again, you go to person C which is the seller they’re gonna do something for ten dollars that person a once right so you get paid a $10 dollar commission for simply being the middle man.

It’s pretty simple how this works and it’s a really, really cool system to use.

I actually teach this in my Fiverrley course which shows how to do this on Fiverr, how you can do arbitrage work on Fiverr.

But you can use many other platforms, as I just mentioned Facebook.

You could do this on craigslist.

There are just so many possibilities to use this thing and this is like the best system that I can possibly think of where you can do as less work as possible and make some easy money.

The Good & The Bad

The good news is… it’s easy to make commissions doing this type of stuff.

You’re just gonna get the difference of whatever the prices are and that’s pretty straight forward.

The bad thing is… if you just start doing this without doing your homework ahead of time of making sure you have some good sellers lined up that are reliable and that you know will turn around awesome work for you, then you may run into complications and frustrations.

Here’s how!

Let’s take the logo idea again.

And let’s say you go ahead and deliver the work that you got from your seller. And let’s just say you don’t know this seller, you’re just trying to start doing this to see how it goes.

So the buyer says,

“Well I’m not happy with this logo can you change this or that?”

So now you have to take the logo go back to the seller and say,

“Hey, I’m not happy with this can you change this and that?”

Then you go back to the buyer again and say here’s the modifications.

They then say,

“Well, I’m still not happy can you do this?”

Okay! So now I have to go back to person C again (the seller) and say,

“Hey, can you fix this?”

And like they may only do so many modifications for you for free, so it may get really frustrating especially if you don’t do this type of designing things for yourself.

If you don’t have the skills to fix this yourself, you may get in a bind.

You may make less then you thought you would if you have to use some of your earnings on this job to pay the seller for an extra modification.

And in the worst-case scenario, you may even lose money if you’re not careful as you might have to pull money out your pocket for the extra work to be done to make your client (buyer A) happy.

And this situation may cause you to lose business and customers.

So that’s the downfall of it.

However, if you do what I’m recommending you to do, which is, to do your homework and find some sellers that you’re going to deal with on a consistent basis.

And just in one particular niche! Don’t try to outsource all kinds of stuff because it’s going to be really complicated.

Remember you want to do as less work as possible, so whenever you find a buyer you want your seller to turn around a good job that’s very reliable where you can simply make a profit by delivering their work for them.

And that pretty much the gist of doing arbitrage work right.

Final Thoughts

That’s going to wrap up this post on the arbitrage method.

If you think this is a kick-ass method and you’re going to start using this today or in the upcoming week or whatever, let me know in the comments below on how and what niche you’re going to start using this in.

Also, the graphic that we just went over I left a download link under it if you want to download it so you can have it and go over it again at your own leisure time.

I’m Ronnie Rokk Smith with USA DIGI, and guys…

Happy Marketing!

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