How to set up an affiliate contest on JVZoo

Here’s a videos to show you how to set up and affiliate contest on JVZoo.


After getting your contest set up here are some Important things to have in place as well.

You’re going to need a JV Page (Joint Venture Page) is a web page that Affiliates can visit to receive promotional materials to help them promote your campaigns. Materials such as banners, images, email swipes and other helpful promotional tools should be added to your JV Page.

Basically, any materials that will improve the chances of an Affiliate selecting your offer to promote.

Your JV Page can also feature information relating to competitions and Cash Prizes that you will be able to issue to the top performing Affiliates promoting your campaigns.

You should place your JV URL in the Affiliate/JV URL box in your Campaign Details for the specific campaign.

To see an example click here!

Make sure you have a JV page up and ready for your affiliates to get all the tools they will need to help them promote your products such as:

  • Pre-launch email swipes
  • Launch email swipes
  • Product banners

Remember, the easier you make it for your affiliate to promote your products, the easier they can sell them for you.

You can make all the graphics yourself if you’re good at that sort of thing, or if you need to you can outsource some of the work.

Either way, you go I’m sure you can see how important it is to have a good JV page in order so you can crush it!


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