How To Time Your Social Media Posts For Maximum Exposure

Gone are the days when social media posts showed up in chronological order. These were safer, simpler times to be an online marketer. Today we get to deal with the dreaded algorithms, the details of which are more closely guarded than nuclear launch codes. The algorithm learns about the users and shows only what they think users want to see most. You’re going to have to experiment with your social media posts, engagements and actions to see what gets you the most exposure.

Timing Is Everything

One fact remains consistent across all social media platforms, you get the most bang for your buck within the first three hours that you post. Even then, the majority of your engagement is going to happen within the first hour. This makes choosing what time you want posts to go live a critical part of your social media plan.

The popular blog did a study on the best days and times for posting on social media and here is a quick summary of their findings with some of my own commentary as well.

Facebook: The traffic on Facebook builds up over the week with the peek days being Thursday and Friday for daytime posts. It’s probably safe to say that towards the end of the week people are ready for the work to end and spend more time on social media. Posts made at 1 pm see the most shares and posts around 3 pm get the most comments.

Twitter: If you’re marketing to businesses or business owners then tweeting during the week within business hours is your best bet. If you are marketing to consumers then the end of the week is better and within the hours of 5 to 6 pm will get you the most retweets.

Pinterest: Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform but that’s a debate for another time. The hottest day for Pinterest is Saturday. On any given day the most activity is taking place in the evenings after dinner from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Instagram: Instagram is all over the map depending on your niche but on average lunch times and after work hours are the best time to post. Evenings and weekends are huge.

Keep Your Specific Audience In Mind

These are great guidelines to follow but there are a few more things you need to take into consideration before laying out your posting schedule. First, is time zones.

Noon doesn’t take place for everyone at the same time. In order to hit the lunch hour for the majority of your audience you need to find out where your audience lives.

The insights or analytics tabs of each social media site should be able to tell you where your users live. There are also tools and apps that can give you even more of a breakdown of who and where your ideal clients are.

The second thing to take into consideration is your unique niche. If your target market is moms, then you need to know that their online time is limited and mostly takes place in the evening after their kids are in bed.

If your target audience is serial entrepreneurs then they are probably online during business hours on weekdays.

Take some time to get to know your niche and learn their online habits. Combine that knowledge with the average timelines above for maximum results.

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