How To Write Eye-Catching Captions On Instagram

While it’s true that Instagram is all about the perfect digital image, if your creativity stops after you create and edit a great photo then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Adding the right caption to your photo gives your image a voice.

You can be unique, inspiring, funny and invite your audience to take action. The caption area isn’t just a place to load up on hashtags.

In order to increase your engagement, focus on writing killer Instagram captions.

Important Tips For Engaging Instagram Captions

#1. Put first things first

Important Tips For Engaging Instagram Captions

While you get 2,200 characters – only the first few lines show when a user is scrolling through their feed.

So put something eye-catching that will stop a scroller in their tracks and make them want to click the photo to read more.

#2. Describe, Invite or Question

Important Tips For Engaging Instagram Captions

Your caption goal is to make a reader take some kind of action. They can like the photo, save the photo, leave a comment, visit your bio, click on the link in your bio, or even click on your shopping tag.

Be direct, tell your audience what you want them to do. If you want comments, ask a question.

If you want likes, direct them to “double tap” if they agree with what you’re saying. Invite them to tag friends, enter a content, anything you want.

Any time someone takes action that helps give you a boost with the Instagram algorithm.

#3. Add Some Hashtags

Important Tips For Engaging Instagram Captions

Add a few hashtags within the caption if it makes sense to do so. Add additional hashtags at the end of the caption.

You are allowed 30 but using all 30 makes you look spammy and a little desperate and might annoy the people who already follow you.

Try to shoot for 10 or less but make them count. Use a mix of popular and smaller hashtags and get specific.

#4. Use Emojis

Important Tips For Engaging Instagram Captions

Not only are they super cute but emojis are becoming a world-wide common language type of their own. They also brighten up the caption and break up an otherwise boring looking block of text.

You can also use emojis to convey an emotion or draw attention to certain parts of the caption. Put a star before and after you call to action, put a happy face to liven things up, etc.

Writing the perfect caption on every post will be the difference between growing an account and growing a true following that engages with your content.

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