How To Make Money With Yahoo Answers

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to make money with Yahoo Answers.

This method on how to make money with yahoo answers is so simple but has the potential to create you some long-term recurring income for years to come but it will take a bit of work at the start to set it up.

I learned these methods from a few fellow marketers online so I’m not taking credit for this method, I just thought they were genius ideas, so I decided to share it will others.

There are two different ways to do this…

The first method, in my opinion, is the way you should do it. And the other way is a bit grey hat and may get your account deleted, so you can do it at your own risk.

The first method is pretty simple. What you will be doing is affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is you can click the “affiliate marketing” links for a course that teaches you how to do it.




Choose the “more tab” then “Answers”.

How To Make Money With Yahoo Answers

You want to go to yahoo answers and find what everyone is asking. Find a few different niches to match the questions being asked.

Once you find something that you can find an affiliate product then you can simply answer the question and then add your affiliate link.

Of course, you will have to find the product first. You can find products to promote on many different platforms. One popular is Clickbank. There are others such as Warrior Plus and JVZoo.

So once you find the marketplace you want to use create your account there and then find a product to match the question someone is answering.

If they click your link and buy you get paid a commission. It’s that simple.

One note on answering questions though. Don’t just put a few words in your answer like “Go here and this will sovel your problem” and then put your link in. 

Give them some details on helping to solve their answer in detail and then put in your link.

For instance: I answered this question here:

Is it possible to lose a great deal of weight WITHOUT exercising?

Your Answer:  

Actually, there is…I’ve been using this new stuff where you get little packs of powder you pour in your water bottle and drink it only twice a day and it helps burn fat and gives you tons of energy. When I first tried it I was blown away. I felt really different and it made me think WOW this stuff is really something that I never felt before. I learn about it from a friend of mine and everything he said was true. This stuff is really amazing! In fact, over 7 million servings were delivered in its first 12 months alone. I liked it soo much, that I’m now promoting the product so others can learn about it too. Go check it out and make sure to click the “WATCH NOW” button and watch the video that explains how it works. You can watch it here:


The second method is also pretty simple. What you will basically be doing is posting questions from one account and then answering it from your main account with a link to what
you are promoting, then ranking those questions in Google for your targeted keywords.

Another way is instead of creating multiple accounts you can just have one account and just have a few friends answer your questions with the answer you provide them that has your affiliate link.

So here’s how to make money with Yahoo Answers and what you will need to do to get set up:



  1. Sign up for as many accounts as you can before getting started. (Example: if you create 6 new accounts you can post 6 new questions right away and answer from your main account with the link back to your site that is promoting the offer)

    The only thing is managing all these new accounts will take a lot of your time, but if you want to fast track everything I recommend this program below to help you.

    how to make money with yahoo answers

    YAM has the ability to post questions, send answers to your own questions, respond to others answers, up/down-vote answers, update your Yahoo account profiles & schedule processes using multiple threads.

    You can also do this with a program called BuzzBundle but it bit more expensive.

  2. Now keep in mind that you can also answer other people’s questions that are related to something you are promoting as well which will double your efforts.
  3. Now you need to find some niches you want to target and find some offers to go with them. A few places you can look for offers are, there are others out there as well just search Google for Affiliate Programs they are abundant. Just sign up for an account as an affiliate.
  4. Next step is to do keyword research on the offers you want to promote. You can use Google keyword planner Tool for this for free. Just sign up for a Google PPC Account here. You can do research this way in many different ways. In this case, I used Google keyword planner for this example. What you are looking for here is long tail keywords which are a group of 3 or more words together. Find about 5-10 keywords or keyword phrases.
  5. Log into your Yahoo account and go to yahoo answers and post the question with the main keyword inside the question that you will use and also put it into the body of the question for more optimization.
  6. Keep asking a question about the keywords you choose in that particular niche over a few hours apart. Don’t ask the exact same questions, make sure you mix it up. And just make sure to answer other questions that others post, so you can be a part of the community and not get banned for spamming.
  7. Now keep track of your question’s links so you can give them to your friends to answer. Make sure the answers you give to your friends to post is also keyword rich and have your affiliate link in there as well.
  8. Finally go back and make sure to select the answers you provided as the best answer. Enjoy good search engine rankings by having your targeted question at the top of Google and Yahoo for many days.

BONUS: To really optimize this process you can create links around the yahoo questions by doing social bookmarking, submitting a video to all the major video sites, creating an RSS feed of the yahoo answer page and then submitting the link to major RSS directories and submitting them to some high RP web directories. If you don’t know how to do any of this don’t worry. Just head to and find someone credible to do these things for you after you get your links.


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