Top 3 Ways To Make Money On Twitter

Do you have a knack for growing twitter accounts? This trendy news and social media platform are known for its brevity (only 280 characters per tweet) and for its brand building humor.

If you are a great commentator you can easily grow an impressive Twitter audience over time. Once you have your very own Twitter army, how can you mobilize and monetize that audience?

Here are three clever ways people use their Twitter influence to make money online.

#1. Twitter Ads

Top 3 Ways To Make Money On Twitter

You can use Twitter ads to grow your account, to send traffic to your website, to direct people to buy your product or even entice them to join your mailing list.

Twitter ads are built and budgeted very similarly to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads. You come up with the creative image and wording, target your audience and set your ad campaign budget.

Watch your analytics and tweak your ads as needed for maximum profit.

#2. Affiliate Sales On Twitter

Top 3 Ways To Make Money On Twitter

Using affiliate sites like Share A Sale or ClickBank you can earn money selling other people’s products online.

Twitter does allow affiliate links but it’s best to make sure each post is unique, personal and that you aren’t posting too many affiliate posts in a short period of time.

You can directly market the affiliate product or you can build a niche website with blog articles and other useful content and push traffic to that site in order to make affiliate sales.

#3. Get Paid To Tweet

Top 3 Ways To Make Money On Twitter

If you have a really large following you can even get brands to pay you to tweet. This type of influencer marketing is called sponsorships and there are some rules you have to follow.

For instance, you have to disclose that the message is a paid ad. You can find and connect with brands that want to pay you through sites like PaidPerTweet and SponsoredTweets.

You do have to have a rather large following in the 100’s of thousands or millions in order to make decent money. And it also helps to be a well known and trusted influencer in your niche.

Making money on Twitter isn’t exactly as easy as flipping a switch but it can be done. As with most platforms, having something to sell or promote and purchasing ads is usually the best path to online income with Twitter.

Your Twitter audience itself is valuable though if you spend enough time dedicated to it.

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