Using Instagram Story Posts More Effectively

Instagram has finally crossed the 1 Billion active users mark and of that number slightly more than half of them Instagram every single day. The potential reach on Instagram is huge but you need to leverage it correctly. One way to get noticed in the vast sea of photo photos is to start posting to Instagram Stories.

What Are Instagram Stories?

While your carefully planned newsfeed is here to stay as a constant ambassador of your brand, stories are quick photos or videos that last only 24 hours and are highlighted by appearing right on top of the app with a colored ring around your avatar. Instagram couldn’t make it anymore clear what they want you to do – post and watch stories! You guys, the people that run Instagram are pretty much brillant when it comes to online marketing and if they are pushing people to do a certain action, the reason is because it works! Stories help people stay on Instagram longer which is good for Instagram but it also gives your brand a way to stand out without being spammy. And while most stories disappear after 24 hours, you can save your best ones to a highlight reel that appears right under your profile.

What Should I Post To Instagram Stories?

While you can post fun and entertaining content to draw in your audience, don’t forget to put a strategy together that helps you achieve your marketing goals. Stories can be used to drive traffic to your blog or products, to gain customer insights and to build brand loyalty. Here are a few examples of things to post as a story:

  • Share Interesting Photos From Your Followers (especially if their post mentions your brand)
  • Additional photos of events or products you want to add to your highlight reel
  • Short Videos that sell your service or product, promote your blog or simply entertain your followers
  • Behind the scenes and coming soon videos
  • Animated photo based posts if you don’t like being on camera (create with templates from Canva, Over or Adobe Spark)

If you have over 10,000 followers, you can add a “swipe up” link to each story. If you aren’t quite to 10K yet don’t worry, you can still direct people to your bio links and you can also provide links through IGTV videos that can also be shared to IG Stories.

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