What Marketers Learned From Facebook’s F8 2019 Announcements

Last week, Facebook held its annual developer conference (F8) in California.

During the event, we all got a glimpse into the future of Facebook including a whole new focus and a redesign of the desktop and mobile versions.

Their coming changes foreshadow a new age in Facebook marketing that takes a completely new direction for businesses trying to get noticed on the platform.

Over the last few years, it has been no secret that Facebook has been suppressing Facebook Business Page content on the newsfeed.

Not only was Facebook looking to squeeze ad dollars out of businesses by favoring those that paid for sponsored ads but there has also been a push on Facebook for some time now to get back to being focused on news from family and friends.

What Marketers Learned From Facebook's F8 2019 Announcements

The Dominance of Stories Feature

This feature, which contains temporary content that disappears after 24 hours, has been very popular on Instagram but hasn’t quite taken off on Facebook yet. This new design shows Facebook’s commitment to making stories on Facebook more popular. What does the emphasis on stories mean for digital marketing? It means you’re going to be creating a lot more content – shorter content but more of it if you want to get in front of your customers daily. Big emphasis on videos and images with text.

The Next Big Change Is The Downplay of the Newsfeed in Favor of Groups

Groups build community and that’s the beast Facebook is trying to feed. Brands should be gearing up by creating a community-focused group now that is branded to their products. Don’t wait for everyone else to hop on board, be a front runner in this area. Start building an audience with groups sooner rather than later.

Facebook Events

You can create local or online events to interact with your customers. Facebook is going to put events near the top of their design and that’s prime real estate for marketing. Create events that are of interest to your ideal customer and the interaction will follow. Do not be afraid to get in front of your audience live and in person. Remember, people buy from you when they know, like and trust you. So get in front of them as often as possible.

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